Kyle leads the vision and overall strategic direction for Step Revolution with his entrepreneurial expertise and passion to detail. He works closely with clients and internal team members to foster a culture of innovation and ensure customer satisfaction.

Prior to Step Revolution, Kyle worked with Roxor Games to help produce the highest earning dance game in the US amusement marketIn The Groove. Shortly after, he worked with Fun in Motion and Andamiro to revitalize and increase earnings for the Pump It Up franchise with Pump It Up Pro and kids based Pump It Up Jump. With favorable results in the amusement market, he later collaborated with Positive Gaming, Exergame Fitness and Gopher Sport to help produce iDance2 for schools and multiplayer fitness applications.  After the success with various dance game projects, Kyle cofounded Step Evolution to patent and create ReRave & ReRave Plus, a touchscreen music game series for mobile phones, tablets and amusement centers.