Who Are We?

Step Revolution creates reaction-based entertainment and exergaming products for fitness and recreational purposes.  We live by the philosophy of pioneering the future.  Our team builds a foundation for each product while providing astonishing support to our partners and clients.  While competition often struggles to keep up with new ideas, Step Revolution is already providing the next step in interactive entertainment.

What We Do

We develop products that engage people while keeping them social and active.  What have we helped produce?  Have a look at our Portfolio!  Our team revolutionizes entertainment with our unique ability to react to current market demands.  Step Revolution never stops innovating the industry!  We create a global community and provide ways of connecting people through our products.

Our Team

Kyle A Ward

Founder & CEO


Kyle Ward

Kyle leads the vision and overall strategic direction for Step Revolution with his entrepreneurial expertise and passion.  He works closely with clients and internal team members to foster a culture of innovation. Kyle is extremely passionate and always makes it a top priority to keep extraordinary standards towards every development detail.  Prior to Step Revolution, Kyle worked with numerous reaction based projects and his music and content authoring is considered a staple among each product.

It is community driven projects like Stepmania that led Ward to work with Chris Danford and Roxor Games in 2003 to help produce the In The Groove dance game series. After managing and contributing content towards Roxor Games sequel, In The Groove 2 (in 2004), Playmeter magazine recognized ITG2 as the highest earning arcade dance title ever produced. Because of rapid market demand, national and world tournaments used In The Groove2 as a standard for their dance game events.

After the success of the ITG series In 2006, development of Pump It Up Pro with collaboration from Fun In Motion and Andamiro USA began. During the development cycle of PIUPRO, Ward contributed several key enhancements to Andamiro's Pump It Up series which helped instigate demand in North America and Europe.  Pump It Up Pro quickly became known as the 5 panel game that was enticing to players who were familiar with 4 panel dance games like Dance Dance Revolution and In The Groove2.  The game revitalized the market and was one of the highest earning Pump It Up products for Andamiro.

Kyle continued to help support ITG communities and Pump It Up Pro events with collaboration from Chris Foy.  Both Ward and Foy worked collectively to support global dance game competitions with companies such as:  Positive Gaming, Fun In Motion and Andamiro.

In 2008, Kyle announced his leave from the Pump It Up Pro and children based title "Pump It Up Jump" to help develop and collaborate with Swedish based company Positive Gaming.  It was here that Ward provided several key innovations and user interface additions to premier exclusively in Positive Gaming's iDANCE2 software.  iDANCE2 is an innovative exergame product connecting up to 32 players on wireless dance platforms, while encouraging a social dance game experience for all ages. iDANCE2 continues to be targeted towards schools, gyms and fitness centers worldwide.

Later in 2010, Ward co-founded Step Evolution LLC with Foy with intentions to innovate reaction based products and take the concept a step further.  After months of financial investment, vigorous research and product development, the inspiration for ReRave followed.  ReRave breaks the barrier of scrolling or "matching" display methods that were typically found in music game products from the last decade.  It was because of Ward's high expectations, attention to detail and product management experience, that helped guide Step Evolution's development and success.

ReRave mobile was made available for Apple iOS devices in March of 2011 with development support by Moyo Studios in Venice California.  Later, ReRave arcade was released in Orlando Florida at The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attraction Expo in November 2012 with partners Chris Cotty and Coast to Coast Entertainment.   ReRave Arcade was a great success and later won BMI Gaming / The Stinger Reports's GOLD Best of Show award for IAAPA 2012.  The game quickly became a staple for kids at Disney Quest Orlando - becoming the 2nd top game in the entire facility.

During 2013, Kyle passionately continued to manage game content and provide all voluntary support required to keep the ReRave operational.  He worked exclusively with several volunteers and independent contractors to ensure all Step Evolution daily operations were fully functional.  Ward also supported the rapid growing ReRave community by answering all tech support requests and directly responded to enthusiastic fan messages via social media.  Additionally, Kyle worked closely with distribution partner Chris Cotty to maintain outstanding customer service for all ReRave locations.  Kyle continued to apply grassroots marketing and strategic hardware & software development which lead to the fruition of ReRave Plus and Kyle founding Step Revolution LLC in 2014.  Step Revolution LLC and its products are not affiliated with Step Evolution LLC.

In 2015, Kyle and key members of former dance game projects have reunited to innovate step-based dance games with Step Revolution's flagship product:  StepManiaX.

In addition to helping produce dance reaction titles, Ward actively co-produces Europop/Electronic band, Oscillator X.  OSX has been featured on several dance outlets and holds an eleven week #1 title with their hit "Dynamo" on Seattle based dance station, KNHC C89.5. Recently, Abercrombie and Fitch licensed OSX songs: "The Naughty Song" & "Have A Good Time." These songs (and others) premiered in their retail stores internationally.

Ward enjoys turning dreams and visions into something new and innovative for people to enjoy. Seeing people engaged and having fun is one of his true driving forces with all of his projects. His attention to detail, love for work and dedicated global followers, continue to contribute to much of his success.

Kyle received his Associate of Applied Arts degree for Video Production from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2003.